Scheda berighner u-phoris umc404

Ciao ragazzi, ho comprato la scheda audio un oggetto, ma non riesco a far risultare 4 canali, ho guardato video, tutorial seguendo tutti i passi, nello scegliere l host mi da due voci separate ovvero “IN 1-2” e l altra “IN 3-4” stessa cosa con Out e questo mi porta a dover lavorare su due canali alla volta non su 4. Potete aiutarmi? Ho seguito anche altre conversazioni seguendo quello scritto ma mi trovo sempre quelle due voci separate e non "Line 2 Berighner ecc.

I don’t speak Italian.
If you select WASAPI as the “host” in the device toolbar, does that allow you to select more channels?

I selected WASAPI, but seeing from various videos and various forums it should give a “Line 2 Berighner” entry to select 4 channels, instead I have two items to select or I choose “IN 1-2” OR “IN 3-4” in this way I can’t then select 4 channels together and I don’t understand why.

The number of channels available depends on the sound card drivers.

If you look in the “Audio device info” (, are there any devices listed that provide 4 recording channels?

Passa a italiano
So are the drivers I downloaded incorrect? Or do I have to download an additional one? Because on the site berighner those correct and compatible with my PC were these, excuse ignorance but it is the first time that I make use of these programs. Is the procedure that I have to do to solve this problem present in the link you shot?

I don’t have a Behringer UMC-404, so I don’t know whether Windows drivers provide any 4 channel recording option that Audacity can use.

“Audio device info” displays a list of all available sound card drivers. IF there is a 4-channel option shown there, then Audacity should be able to use it for 4 channel recording. If there isn’t, then Audacity will not be able to do 4 channel recording.