scarlett solo recording one sided with audacity

I bought a scarlett solo 3rd gen, the issue I’m having is when playing guitar on it, that there is only sound recording on side and no sound on the other side.

I went to youtube and watched the video [[[ How to Fix the (MONO) Left Channel Recording Issue with the Focusrite Scarlett Solo]]] and followed the directions, and afterwards there was no sound on either side, so the video did not help in fixing the issues.

Help needed.

Right… The microphone should be on the left and the guitar on the right. (Normally you don’t want to leave it that way so after recording you can make a “centered” mono recording or they can be “panned” anywhere in the stereo field.)

After recording you can [u]Split Stereo To Mono[/u] (which allows separate editing of left & right) then click the “X” to delete the silent channel. A true-mono recording will play through both speakers.

Or if you record in mono you should be able to get both inputs. You’ll have to set Audacity to mono and you’ll need to go through the Windows Control Panel and set your USB device to mono.

Note that since mono recording allows for mixing of the mic & guitar together, you’ll only get half-volume if you’re only using one input. But you can run the Amplify effect after recording.

I have no clue what you’re telling me to do!

never mind I was able to split it and make it work. Do you happen to know of some plugins that can be used with audacity stuff with distortion for metal and rock that is free?

Just forget it, returning the scarlett solo to amazon, it’s too complicated to use, have had issues with it all night, even the free software that is supposed to work with the scarlett solo won’t run and the free 3 month pro tools wasn’t free and they were trying to charge me. Done with it!