Scarlett pod farm audacity not recording amp models

I just purchase scarlett 2i2 on ebay. Before I was using line6 gx and pod farm and recording with audacity, the gx is my 2nd one because the usb interface in the back is cheap and has broken both times, so lets try a better one, scarlett 2i2. Now line6 is allowing me to use pod farm with a different interface. I hear pod farm in headphones with scarlett 2i2 but I cannot record sound from pod farm, all that records is the jangly guitar sound from my computer. I currently have an hp windows 8.1.

I am authorized to use pod farm as a stand alone, so I plug my guitar into scarlett 2i2 in line one usb out to laptop, I am then using pod farm for my amplifier selection and then recording to audacity. My issue is that I hear pod farm great through headphones coming out of scarlett 2i2, but I cannot record the amplifier sounds coming from pod farm, just a twangy computer generated guitar signal.

Audacity doesn’t do real-time effects. You’ll have to try to apply the effect after recording. I couldn’t find any host compatibility information that says if it’s compatible with Audacity or not.

I’ve had no problem before recording/over dubbing in real time with audacity with line 6 gx interface until the scarlett interface. I just wanted a way into my computer to pod farm, to audacity with what I thought was a better interface, I’m not sure if this is an audacity issue, maybe a driver I’m missing or something.

I’ve had no problem before recording/over dubbing in real time with audacity…

Audacity can record in real-time but it just “captures” whatever digital audio data the soundcard (and drivers) feeds it.

If you’re hearing the effects in real-time through the computer speakers you may be able to [u]record what’s being sent to the computer’s speakers/headphones[/u] by selecting WASAPI Loopback.

The Line6 GX interface is made by the same people as PodFarm. It is possible it has a pathway to include the effects in the signal being sent to the computer. As far as I can see 2i2 so has no way to insert effects coming from somewhere else.