Scaling Audacity GUI and labels ?


I’ was looking at the possibility of scaling GUI elements, partycularily Labels font size (for smaller one).

Any Way ?

Maybe in source code ?

For your own personal use, it is possible to change the source code (Audacity is open source). Unfortunately, it is somewhat challenging to make the GUI font sensitive*****. Giving different parts of the GUI different fonts (family, size etc.) is not too hard once you make the GUI generally font sensitive.

* By font sensitive I mean that (among other things) widgets are automatically sized based on the font size (buttons and text fields are tall enough etc.), layout of the basic parts takes into account the sizes needed to accommodate the new font size and windows and dialogs are resizable and generate scroll bars as necessary.

My learning curve is correct but I never succeed anyway going coding … just arduino little more than script kidding

My understanding of Theming Audacity then GUI coding is about but I just won’t even dream about where to start.

I’m good at tayloring special config (eg Marlin FW for 3D printing) file in order to adapt my need but going in audacity code is too high a step for me.

In fact I wouldn’t even know how to compile audacity. need something of an IRL show-me-the-way-that-I-can-self-quick-my-ass-this-way start.

Just in need of tweak labels fonts. in order to increase readability of such work

Go to the last page of this thread:
my HIGHLY customized version is entirely font sensitive. Run mine in Portable mode and/or backup your current Audacity configuration files (as described in the thread).

Oohooh, sounds really attractive to me.

So I should first transform my audacity 2.3.2 in a portable way and use your’s in another directory. using it also in a portable way for a try (and not loosing my presets)

Does it need to copy the original audacity directory and overwrite the copy with your file ?

sounds weird that the 2.3.2 core .Exe is about 13 MB and your’s only 7MB … must be missing something huh …

Edgar’s version is based on a very old version of Audacity.

As Steve says, my version is based on Audacity 2.0.6. I picked up most of the official bug fixes until the changeover to wxWidgets 3.X and Paul’s major effort to re-factor the Audacity code. Mine also has some bug fixes which have not made it into the current Audacity and many enhancements (almost all of which have gotten very positive support from the elves on this forum). About the only significant feature it is missing is the new Macro facility.

You do not need to transform your current Audacity. You will not overwrite your current Audacity directory. My version would reside in its own separate directory and store its preferences in that directory (not the default Audacity preferences storage directory).