Saving tracks from an mp3 file

I’ve been able to split the files and am able to select the track but when I try to save the track, it saves the whole mp3 file. Can someone show me how to save each track as a separate file?

I found this in an old post from 2015…

Next, go to the edit drop-down and select “Clip Boundaries” then “Split New” and you should get a new track at the bottom of just the 2nd half of the track and the 1st half remains less the part cut.

It was a little different in my version (3.3.3) but I was able to get the new track at the bottom of the screen and highlighted it an chose export as mp3 and it still saved the whole file.

I used export selected audio instead of export as mp3 and it saved the track. It’s a pretty good feature. I wished it would direct stream copy the files instead of re-encoding them but I’ll settle for re-encode since they’re only mp3s.

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