saving mp3

I am not sure if I can explain this too well but will give it a go .
I used audacity successfully on my pc using windows 7 and when exporting the files as MP3 they downloaded to my desktop where I could easily e mail them to others as attachments or play them as I required.
I have upgraded to windows 10 and since then when I export the files they get downloaded to the same place but if I try to play them as beofre i get a message that says The Remote procedure call failed .
I can however -by right clicking the icon -open the files to play in windows media player which is no good for e mailing the files out .
Any help will be great

This doesn’t sound like an Audacity problem to me.

What do you want to happen when you double-click an exported MP3 file? Open an e-mail client? Play in something other than Windows Media Player? Right-click > Open with has an option to “Choose another app”.

If you want to e-mail attachments, this may be best done in the e-mail client you are using.

This is a good forum you can ask on for help with Windows 10: Windows 10 Forums.


Thanks for getting back -there is only one option to play it back and that is wmp so it isn’t possible to email from there -at least if there is a way I haven’t found it yet.When the file is downloaded it no longer looks as it did before -the downloaded file now looks like a document and all previous mp3 I have sent to people now look the same otherwise I would screen shot it to show you.Will try the forum you suggested bit to date windows help has been unable to do so .

Then presumably the file association with MP3 has changed to an application that normally opens documents.

As I said, right-click the MP3, Open with and click “Choose another app”. If you want that app to always open MP3 files, enable the box “Always use this app to open .mp3 files”.

If you don’t have the app or player that you previously used to e-mail MP3 files, install it.


There is only one option to open the file now and that is windows media player.
Previously I had no app I downloaded I simply used what the pc had installed when purchased .

Please, read what I said about how to choose another app.

If you double-clicked an MP3 in Windows 7 it would also default to opening in Windows Media Player.

As I said, it will probably be best to install a new e-mail client, open the e-mail client then use that client’s feature to add an attachment. If you install an e-mail client you can right-click the MP3 > Send to > Mail recipient, assuming the e-mail client sets itself up to do this, which it should.

Or use Gmail online. You can just drag the MP3 into the message composing window.

I am locking this topic now. It is nothing to do with Audacity.