Saving Metadata on Export

I am working with some WAV files that have some information embedded in the FACT chunk of the file header. I want to edit these files with Audacity and have this Metadata saved in the exported file. I seem to lose the header data when I export and it’s not clear to me how I add the FACT chunk to the metadata editor (if that’s what I need to do)

Can anybody give me some help on how you can either save the existing metadata with an exported file or how you add this to the metadata editor so I can restore the data in this area of the file

Thanks for any help that can be offered


Audacity only has partial support for metadata in WAV files (most programs have no support for metadata in WAV files).
If some metadata is lost it is most likely to be because Audacity does not support that metadata.

Audacity currently supports (only) the following metadata in the Riff Info chunk:
Artist (IART)
Title (INAM) - called “Track Title” in Metadata Editor
Date Created (ICRD) - called “Year” in Metadata Editor
Comments (ICMT)
Copyright (ICOP)
Software (ISFT)

More details here:

If you need to support additional metadata you will need to use your “other” audio application (the one that you want the data for) to add that data.