saving meta data on files within a recording

If I am making a master recording of several music files, how do I save the meta data on each file used?

Each file normally has it’s own set of metadata. The easiest way to handle that is by opening the files one at a time and you might what to use a stand-alone tag editor like MP3Tag.

If you have a “master file” the metadata is the same for the whole file (with a couple of rarely used exceptions like synchronized lyrics or chapters). So for example if you have a music album as a one big file you can’t have separate titles for each song of separate artists for each song.

If you’re making an audiobook, each chapter is a separate file. When you download an album from iTunes or Amazon you get separate files for each song.

Some applications can use a [u]Cue Sheet[/u] which is a separate text file that references the actual audio file.