Saving individual tracks when many loaded

Using Audacity 2.0.2 & Vista Home Premium 32

I’m editing some tracks ripped from a DVD, so each needs trimming, fade etcx

I’ve loaded in the first 10 tracks, then muted all tracks and then worked only on the first track.At the end, I’ve exported this track (overwriting the old file). The file name having been correctly pre-filled in by Audacity.

However when I come to export track 2 (and the subsequent ones) the file name to “Save A” is still shown as that of the first track. As long as I’m awake, I can remember to replace the name, but if not awake, it is very easy to hit enter and overwrite the wrong file.

Is there a way around this please? (I know loading the files one by one avoids the issue, but I like the workflow of having all loaded)

I’ve just spotted that it also retains all the Metadat from track 1!


Have a look at “Export Multiple” (files based on tracks)