Saving files larger than 4gb urgent

I’m just wondering if the audacity team is living in the stone age by not allowing saving of files larger than 4gb. Is it a fat32 issue?

Is there a workaround or alpha developer build that allows the saving of files larger than 4 gb??!?

This is a life or death h situation please provide a solution.

It’s a WAV format limitation due to the 32-bit ‘size’ field in the header. Try FLAC (lossless compression) or any format other than WAV.

Can I save 384 khz with flac?

That’s not sound. What is the actual job?


The job is to save a 384khz wave file that is bigger than 4gb as flac

Recording that with any quality would require a sampling frequency of close to 1,000KHz. That’s radio transmitter neighborhood.

You designed yourself right out of using a home computer with any software let alone Audacity.

Maybe a Data Recorder. That’s your Google Search.

There may be interesting shortcuts or cheat processes, but we won’t know until you part with more info about the job.


Thank you for that information. I will find my own way to do it.

Do you mean that you want to save a 384 kHz sine wave, or do you mean that you want to your file to have a sample rate of 384000 Hz?

In either case, unless you have specialist hardware, the file will have to be down-sampled on playback because normal sound cards don’t go that high in the analogue domain, and speakers / headphones don’t go anywhere near that high.