Saving & Exporting small audio files

Hello… I am new to Audacity. I have uploaded a large audio file to the software and need to select and export short audio files. I have highlighted the area that I want to export but Audacity saves the whole file all over again. Can someone please tell me how to select, save and export sections from a large file ? Thank you !

Dallas A

File > Export Selected Audio.

Audacity doesn’t Save sound files. To make a stand-alone sound file you have to Export one.


You can place labels in your production. Place one at the beginning and end of your clip. Labels are sticky and they will hold a drag.

You can Zoom into the show to help you find edit points. There are many zoom tools but I only use three.

Zoom (Windows)
– Drag-select something on the timeline and zoom into it. Control-E
– Zoom out a little bit. Control-3
– Zoom out full. Control-F

– Shift-ScrollWheel or Shift-TouchPadScrub will shift the timeline view left and right (sooner and later).

Change the timeline so it doesn’t shift by itself:
– Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_] Update display while playing. (de-select)
Note: Update Display is good during recording.


This doesn’t have anything to do with compiling Audacity, so moved to the Windows board.