Saving clips to separate files


Is there a way to export separate clips in a track to separate files (with the filename set to the track name and the start time of the clip) all at once?
(this is for an interview application with several people at once. Each person’s name would be the track name, and an operation to set silence “level” and then automatically split each track into clips at silence points.)
Is there a way this could be set up in a macro?
Is there a way to connect Audacity to a database so the clips could be stored as blob records in a database? (with fields of project name, track name, clip name and start time?
Does anyone know of a developer who could write the code to do these functions?


Audacity can export labelled regions as separate files.

This tutorial is aimed at copying tapes / vinyl to digital, but the general idea for exporting multiple labelled regions is the same:

Note that if you use “region labels”, Export Multiple can export each labelled region as a separate file, and not export any audio that is not labelled.
See here for more information about label tracks:

Audacity does not have built-in database connectivity.

People frequently underestimate the cost of software development. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cost of what you are proposing was several thousand dollars.