Saving as project or template question

I have Audacity set up to record 8 trks from my DJM900NSX2 mixer. Each track has to be panned left and right to give me stereo for the output. Question is instead of having to set this up everytime I record can’t I save a setting or can I make a template to do this? RD

You could create an empty project containing 4 stereo tracks.
Save the empty project with a name that is easy for you to recognise.

When you need to record 8 channels with L/R, L/R, L/R, L/R panning:

  1. Open the project
  2. “File menu > Save Project > Save Project As…”
    Save the project to a suitable location with a suitable unique name.
    Note that temporary data will be written directly into the new project’s “_data” folder rather than Audacity’s temp directory, so it should be saved to an internal drive that has sufficient free space. Don’t save it to a network or cloud drive.
  3. Do the recording.
    With 8 channels recording, the recording will fit into the 4 stereo tracks.