Hello. Im having problems converting AMR files to MP3s. Any ideas what to do?
Thanks very much

If there is a problem we can help you faster if you say exactly where the problem occurs and state any error messages in full.

In principle all you should need to do is install two libraries.

First, install FFmpeg ( ) which will allow Audacity to import AMR files.

Second, install LAME ( ) which will allow Audacity to export as MP3 .


Thanks Gale. I’ve tried downloading both programmes as suggested but when I open the AMR file it says I have to import it as RAW but when I do so and try to play it back in Audacity, the sound file just becomes a half second squall…Any idea what’s going wrong?

You have to install FFmpeg as well as download it : see . In other words when you open the Libraries Preferences in Audacity, you must be able to see the F, C, U numbers to right of “FFmpeg Library Version”.

If FFmpeg cannot import the AMR file then it may not be an AMR file. You can download MediaInfo to find out what type of audio the file is.


Thanks again Gale - it didn’t seem to work although they are definitely AMR files but I’ve downloaded an AMR player which also converts to MP3s
Thanks for trying

If the AMR player can play the file but Audacity cannot (with FFmpeg properly located in the Audacity Libraries Preferences) then feel free to upload the file to sendspace or elsewhere and give us the address of the file. Then we can test it out.