Saving and Exporting Problems

I am a new user of Audacity. I created a project, and saved it. Now when I try to save the project I get an error message “Cannot save project. Perhaps file is not writable or the disk is full”. The disc clearly is not full. How do I deal with this please?

Using the same project file, I try to export it as an mp3 but get the error message “Audacity failed to read from a file in C:” How can I solve this? I am guessing the two problems are related.

Many thanks

I am using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.2.1

Where/what folder are you trying to save to? As an experiment, try saving/exporting to the desktop.

Thanks for the reply. I have attempted to export to both my documents file and the desktop, both without success.

Hi all

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve my issues? Today, I also manage to add some audio to my file. When I save it, the file appears to sav the new info. But, when I return to it the added content is no longer on the file. Any ideas. i am about to throw in the towel

You should update to Audacity 2.2.2 as soon as possible as there is a serious bug in 2.2.1.
You can get Audacity 2.2.2 from here:
(get the recommended “installer” version)

I’d recommend that you uninstall your current version first, and then install the new version.
During the installation, watch for the option to “Reset Preferences”, and select that option.
On first run of Audacity, you will be prompted to confirm that you wish to reset preferences - confirm it.

When the new version is running, try this:

  1. “Generate menu > Tone”, and generate 30 seconds of the default tone.
  2. “File menu > Save Project”. When the file browser opens, select your Desktop as the destination location, and use the name “mytestproject1” (without quotes) as the name of the project.
  3. Minimise all windows so that you can see the Desktop. You should see a file called “mytestproject1.aup” and a folder called “mytestproject_data”. The file and folder together make up the Audacity project (both are required).

Do you see the saved file and folder on your Desktop?

Hi Steve

Thanks for the advice. I had read that the new audacity version was more stable when users save projects a few times before it is completed. Installing the new version solved my issue. Do pass on this advice to others with similar issues, of which I note many. It is really frustrating to lose so much content and time, nad not be able to get either back.

Thanks for your help.