saving a zoom view & locking a track

It would be nice if we could save a zoomed view to be able to quickly get back to a specific location. A hotkey to save a view, and another to restore it would be fantastic.

Another wish is to lock a track so it’s can be inadvertently modified. A lock icon on the left side of the track could work for this. Sometimes I have a track that serves as a timing reference to modify the others. Some projects take hours to edit. If I accidentally do something to my reference track and don’t notice it right away, then all the work after that point is wrong. I’ve done this before and it’s very disheartening to have to toss hours of work.

Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but I can’t seem to find ways to do these thing. Forgive me if I’ve missed a tool already there.

Love Audacity. Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

Audacity can remember a location : “Store Cursor Position”, (it doesn’t remember the zoom level though).

See Sync-lock

When I try this it doesn’t recall the previous view, instead the time on the left and right extremes of the screen remain the same. It only changes the cursor which isn’t quite what I’m after. I was thinking more like…

View > Zoom > Save Zoom


View > Zoom > Restore Zoom

I can’t figure out how to use this feature to prevent editing of a track.

Store region.

Retrieve region.
If you want to zoom the selected region to fill the screen press

That works! Thank you very much!

So is it safe to assume there’s no way to prevent editing a track? I want the master track to remain untouched.

The latest incarnation of Audacity (2.2.1) allows different colored waveforms …
Color-coding does help differentiating between tracks, (so less likely to modify one by mistake)
e.g. Color all the finished tracks red to remind you which ones not to touch,
(coloring isn’t a lock : it won’t prevent you modifying the tracks, it’s just a reminder of what’s what).