Saving a file [SOLVED]

I have not used Audacity for a few years and am having trouble remembering how to do some of the basics. (The notes that I had written down don’t even make a lot of sense:-() When I first complete inputting an LP, can I save the file as an MP3 using the “Save As” option?

Is there someplace that I can find simple, user-friendly, step-by-step instructions for importing, saving, and then ripping CDs using Windows 10?

Audacity “saves” in it’s own “project” format. An Audacity project saves the audio in a “_data” folder and saves all of the other information about the project in a “project file” (an “.AUP” file).

To create a normal audio file that can be played in other applications, you need to “export”. (“File menu > Export Audio”).

If you have the current version of Audacity (2.1.1, which is available here: there is a “quick start guide” in the Help menu (“Help menu > Quick Help”).

Which file do I export? the data file or the project file?

While the show is in Audacity, it’s only one thing. When you Save a project is when it becomes a matching AUP file and a _DATA folder. The show is one of each and that combination can only be opened up by Audacity. It has nothing to do with making a CD. Audacity will not Save a sound file.

Double click the AUP file and the show should open by itself.

After you get the show the way you want it inside Audacity, File > Export a WAV (Microsoft) sound file (not MP3). That will be one, single, very high quality sound file. Drag that into your Audio CD Authoring and Burning Program. And that’s where the options go through the roof. If you break up the show into individual songs in Audacity (most people want that), the export process is different and that’s where you need to go to the tutorials.

Scan down to the individual headings to pick the right one.

This is a smaller one on how to digitize your vinyl.

You want to avoid MP3 in this process because it causes a decrease in quality. Native, out of the box Audacity; WAV (Microsoft) and Audio CD all have the same very high quality and all match each other. So that’s the way to go. If you want the songs on your Personal Music Player as well, yes, that’s the place to produce MP3 versions, but those are not the versions that go to the CD. Also, I’m sure you want archive, backup copies of all your music and that is also the place for WAV (Microsoft).


Audacity project = AUP file + data.
I “Save” a project called “mysong”. This creates a file called “mysong.aup” and a data folder called “mysong_data”

“Export” for an ordinary audio file that can be played in other programs.
For example, “File menu > Export Audio” and select “WAV” as the format to make a WAV file. (see: Audacity Manual)

The mantra: “Save a project. Export a file”.
“Save a project” (two things, the project file + the project data).
“Export a file” (one thing, a normal audio file).

You can “import” audio files into a project, and can “export” audio files from a project.

Success!!! I was able to Save, Edit, and Export the file thanks to the information and suggestions!! Thanks!!! :slight_smile: :mrgreen: