Saved and not exported :/

Probably most peoples first mistake ever with this program. I created a 30 minute project using audacity on windows and instead of being a pro and exporting i just clicked save project and closed the program to work on later and now it was saved in a folder in possibly a billion different audio clips in 3 different folders within the main saved folder. Is there anyway to save this project can i reopen it as one singular audio file like it was originally?

It was not an error unless the computer did something odd. Find the AUP file with the show name and launch it. It should launch Audacity and automatically put together all those snippets and fragments back into your show.


That is the project data.
When you “save a project”, Audacity creates a “project file” that has an “AUP” file extension, and a data folder. For example if you save the project as “test”, then Audacity will create a project file called “test.aup” and a data folder called “test_data”. Don’t mess with the data folder! The AUP file and the data folder must remain together or the project will break. Do not manually edit, move or change either the AUP file or the _data folder unless you have read and understood this: Audacity Manual

if you have not changed anything in the _data folder and have not moved, renamed, deleted or otherwise changed the AUP file, then you need to find that file. Opening that file in Audacity should magically restore all of those little data files back into your Audacity project.

Nope. I click open on the file and it opens each individual file ona seperate audacity lol. Is there a certain way to open this folder?

What is the file name?
Where exactly are you selecting the “open” command?

You should not abbreviate when you post. The only thing we know about you is from your postings so the richer the better.

“I double clicked ‘TheyMightBeGiants.aup’, but the show didn’t open right. I got an Audacity window with a million different clips in it.”

That covers several different common errors right there. What did you do?


I clicked open on the file thats was saved and did exactly what i said happened im literally saying what i did and not leaving anything out or abbreviating. Yes its the main file o t i e of the folders witjin the main file created when saving

Which file?

Your description was obviously not what “literally” happened. No way were there “a billion” files open. So what files did open? Did they open in Audacity?

We can’t see your machine or what you are doing, so we only know what you tell us. At this point we do not have a clear picture, so we can’t help.

Since you are on Windows I moved this topic there.

All you need to do is launch Audacity, find your project in File > Recent Files and click that item in the list.


If you clicked “Open,” that means you already had Audacity running. Try closing Audacity and double click on the aup file and let it do everything else.


zapsterd, what they are telling you is that you haven’t lost anything. Let say that you chose Save and enter a filename FirstProject. Now it saved each individual tracks separately, but there should be a file called FirstProject.aup. If you haven’t deleted or moved any file, everything should be intact.

Now double click on FirstProject (not the individual sound files). It should open your project and include “millions” of individual tracks that you have recorded. This is perfectly fine.

But you want one single audio file, so with this project open, you can now do a “Project | Export” and that will give you what you want.

Thanks, but there has not been a Project menu since Audacity 1.2. Export is under the File menu.