Save - sample rate

I recorded some audio at 32Kbps. I made a pitch change, and then exported the file. It saved it at 128Kbps, creating a file far too large.
Is there a way I can select the sample rate for saving?

Yes, but.

We assume you’re editing an MP3 or similar sound file. When you export a new file, select options to the right of the file type window and use those settings to create your new file.

But you might not want to do that. Audacity doesn’t edit MP3 files. It imports them inside itself and then creates a whole new MP3 when you’re finished. This doubles the compression bubbly, honky sound damage and you can’t stop it.

32 is the quality setting for a barely workable mono sound file. When you get done, it may not be workable any more. It may sound seriously gargley and damaged.

This is the very serous shortcoming of trying to do production and effects in MP3. Highly not recommended. You can patch or correct the very high quality, large WAV file that you originally used to make the first MP3. That works.

You can’t easily go from MP3 to MP3.


The bit rate (kbps) is where Koz told you - click the “Options…” button.

The sample rate (Hz) is bottom left (Project Rate). For a 32 kbps MP3 file, only 48000, 44100 and 32000 Hz are valid. 44100 Hz is the most compatible.