Save Project Questions

Some notes on Save Project.

We know the common mistake people make of File > Save Project > Save Project which has its own shortcut key strokes. This continually updates one project and has no history or archive. People think you can go back in history forever and rescue a production from computer damage. You can’t. Nasty Surprise.

But there are two others.

File > Save Project > Save Project As…
File > Save Project > Save Backup Project…

I’m fuzzy on the difference or the goals.

Another side issue is changing the name of a project outside of Audacity. That used to be completely forbidden because of the split file format. But I see that seems to work OK in 3.4.2. Or is this an improved 3.4.2 thing? It’s so hard to keep up.


That renames the current project and saves it.


  1. Open “ProjectA”
  2. “Save As” “ProjectB”.
    The currently open project is renamed as “ProjectB” and saved. The original “PojectA” is closed without modification.

You might want to do this if you are modifying a project and realise that you don’t have a backup copy of the project as it was when you opened it.

This is the recommended way to make backups while you work.
Saving a backup copy does not affect the currently open project. It creates a copy of the current state of the open project.


  1. Open “ProjectA”
  2. “Save Backup Copy” of “ProjectA” as “ProjectB”.
    The currently open “ProjectA” remains open, and a new project file is created with the new name “ProjectB”.

By using “Save Backup Copy” on a regular basis, you can create a sequence of snapshots as you work on “ProjectA”.

Don’t do that while the project is open. You “may” get away with it if you’re lucky, but there are no guarantees.

Changing the name of a project when it is closed should not be a problem. This is thanks to the saved project being self contained.

It wasn’t a problem. The show just opened up with no fuss. Changing the name while the show is open is loudly begging to be smitten.

I’m saving a copy of this post in my on-line notes. That could use a little neatening up. Some of that stuff is from the old forum (RIP),

Are you familiar with the current Bogus Post Process? When somebody tries to sell me New Storm Windows in Manchester in the old forum, I knew how to deal with that. The new forum, not so much. There seems to be a list of fuzzy action items and depending on mystery conditions, two lists. …?..


  1. Click on the person’s name. This opens a pop-up with the person’s name.
  2. Click on the person’s name in the pop-up. This takes you to that person’s account page.
  3. Look for a red “Delete” button on the right near the top of the page.
  4. Click the red “Delete” button and follow the prompts to delete the account and optionally block.

Writing that down.


It’s “Kitchen Cabinets” in Manchester.
My mistake.


Haha, that was a weird episode. It turned out that the head of that company was a gangster that went on the run to China, with a warrant for his arrest for arson and kidnapping.

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