Save MP3 files without metadata

Is there a way to save MP3 files without metadata? And then without the metadata dialog?

The metadata dialog is a setting. I believe MP3 files have space for metadata. Whether you elect to put anything in there is up to you.

Edit > Preferences > Import/Export > [X]Show Metadata Editor…


Oops, sorry, must have overlooked that. Thanks!

Note that if the Metadata Editor already contains metadata, for example from a file you imported, then disabling “Show Metadata Editor…” will not stop the metadata being written. To check, go to File > Edit Metadata Tags… and if necessary, press the “Clear” button before export.


Hm, okay.

Am I right in thinking that you would like an option to not write metadata?

Yes. If I don’t care about writing meaningful metadata, it would be better to not write it at all. I’m thinking of car radios with MP3 playback. They display ID3 data if they find it, but if I don’t write anything in it, they might display wrong information. I usually use meaningful file names only and would like to keep it that way.

I’ve added your vote for an option to not write metadata on export, and added a note as to why this is important.
Please note that this is no guarantee that the feature will be added in the near future as implementing it depends on a developer creating the feature, but fwiw I agree that Audacity should provide this option.

Thank you. Where have you added that vote?

on the Feature Request page of the wiki: