save mp3 as Midi

Hi all, I just installed ver 2,x Have been using earlier versions for quite a while on Win 7 (but not for what I need to do now.)
I installed this as it was recommended ( Make sure to download at version 1.3.6 and up, as this is when the MIDI export was added to the software.) I need to use the Midi format for an old Yamaha keyboard as thats all it recognises.

I have tried to save as " other uncompressed files/options " but can see no Midi format to select.
I hope someone can help me with this!. Many thx

As far as I know, no version of Audacity supports MIDI, either in or out.
Find out who told you that and stop believing them.

Are you trying to record your keyboard performance? You left out the goal.


Hi, many thx for your reply. I got the info from here, cant believe everything you read I suppose. :frowning:
Never mind its not important now as I have found a Midi version of the file I wanted to convert from mp3. Thx again.