Save Audacity transposed song as common mp3 ?

Imported a mp3 song to Audacity and transposed from key F to key D and that worked fine but when I save the transposed song as common mp3 it changes to orginal key though I saved the transposed song with orginal title and number + (the word) transposed.

What did I do wrong or missed

This is going to be a tough one… It seems impossible… When you apply an effect in Audacity it gets applied immediately. It doesn’t wait until you export.

  1. Make sure you export it (you can only save a project).

  2. There is a popular program that plays .mp3 and .wav files and has been known to open the .wav file when directed to open the .mp3 file or vice versa. Also, there can be confusion as to file extensions simply because Windows hides them by default. (Search for “show file extensions”). Try exporting to a unique name to avoid any of these confusions.

Thanks !

Exported and saved both mp3 and Audacity prodject with unique name and number and that seemed to help and didn´t keep the orginal song/key in the same map