save and transpose backing tracks from YouTube or karaoke sites

Completely new to Audacity and wondering if I can save a backing track from a website, transpose it and dump it into my ForScore app. Is this possible with Audacity and where do I go to figure out the process?

I don’t know anything about forScore.

if I can save a backing track from a website

…Of course it’s a copyright violation to “steal” music (or other program material) from YouTube and you can’t legally publish (or re-publish) or distribute (or re-distribute) it.

Audacity can [u]record whatever is playing on your computer[/u] or there are other applications & websites that can copy the audio & video from various websites.

transpose it

Audacity has a Change Pitch effect.

Adding to what @DVDdoug wrote, not only is it a copyright violation but, transposing music notes/chord progressions
does not stop the YT (and other) algorithms from picking it up and, does not make it legal.

Why the need for transposing?