sav project /export label /export midi

Mac pro book

at loading sav project / export label / export midi / are shadowed ?

i cannot sav project as … i got an erro window , the disk is full no its not i have 19 Gb at least
or not writable yes it is .administrator / myself / and anyone /
so do not understand at all

thanks you very much for your time .
Picture 1.png
Picture 2.png
lorsque j’installe Audacity " sav project " " export label " export midi " sont en ombre
je ne peux sauvegarder non plus , j’obtiens une fenetre erreur . mais il reste sur le disque 19 Gb et ouvert " administrateur/ moi meme / and n’importe qui
je ne comprends pas .

merci beaucoup pour votre temps , voir photos en attachement .

Those options are not available unless you have a label / MIDI track.

Try this:

File menu > Open Metadata Editor
Click the “Clear” button.
Click the “OK” button.
Now try to save the project.