Samson Meteor Mic Problem

Hi guys, I just purchased a new Samson USB Meteor Mic, and I decided to test it when I got home. I plugged it in, drivers installed perfectly, and then did some voice recordings.

That’s when it all went wrong.

The quality of the mic is crystal clear maybe the first 4-5 seconds of recording, and then the quality drops into a fuzzy, poppy sounding noise. Listen to the mp3 file attached!

I have no clue what to do at this point. Please help me!

It’s broken long before that. The picture is of your first spoken phrase. Note the tops are more or less level but the bottom has a very pronounced upwards tilt left to right. Can you try another USB connection? Does it do that only when you talk? If you plug it in and wait 15 seconds, is it completely broken?

I don’t think it’s this, but you should make sure Windows Enhanced Services are turned off.
Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 7.04.16 PM.png

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, after 15 seconds the mic is completely broken and when talked into, it sounds like a static robot. I think the problem is the usb ports on my laptop aren’t providing enough power to the mic, although they had enough power to make a BLUE Yeti perform normally… I think the mic is just defective, and I’m planning on refunding it tomorrow. I am extremely disappointing in Samson’s products, and will most likely never buy from them again.

I can see two possibilities. You have a broken mic or your have a broken USB connection. Is it a home run? Are you trying to go through a USB hub? Try it on another computer.

You may not need all the software drivers. It should show up as a regular USB sound device. You may have to switch to mono. Most USB microphones are mono.

See if it works in Windows Sound Recorder.

  • Windows Sound Recorder
  • Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment


Why did you decide to replace the Blue Yeti?

I just purchased the Samson Meteor Mic yesterday and am having the exact same problem.