Samson Meteor Audio Level is low around 0.3 - -0.3

Hi guys,
Recently I bought a Samson Meteor mic, and I use audacity to record my voice, it work but my recording/audio level is so low around 0.3 - -0.3
I have set my recording volume to 100 but my audio level is still low
and I have set the gain the one on the left side with the +/- to Gain: +5.0 dB, but it does not really effect anything

is it normal to have that low audio level around 0.3 - -0.3?

in this youtube video he has higher audio level
do you guys know how can I increase my audio level so it can get higher?

That’s a little shy of good recording volume, but it should work OK.

Select the track by clicking just right of the up arrow.

Effect > Normalize: [X] Remove DC, Normalize -1dB > OK.

I’m more concerned about the “grass” on the left side of the blue waves. That’s supposed to be flat (silent).

You should be speaking into the side of the microphone with the Samson name and the light.
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 19.24.22.png
Is that about as far away as you are?

Can you tell if the computer is on by listening?


Hi thanks for the reply

it is my fan, I forgot to turn it off

Side? But I read the manual it says “the vocalist should aim the mic center line towards their mouth”


The normalize make my sound louder, so I guess I’ll just go with it
But I’m just kinda confuse why when people recording like in the youtube video I have linked before, his audio level/gain is higher than mine around 0.5 - -0.5, but I guess it is just my voice maybe that is too low or the mic

“the vocalist should aim the mic center line towards their mouth”

Fascinating. And yet all other evidence suggests strongly this is a side-address microphone, not end-on.

Doing that wrong could be the reason for your low volume.

As we go.


I’m very sure you should be announcing into the light. The capsule inside points toward the side grill not the top.
Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 10.51.25.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 10.51.46.png
I think by “center line” they mean you should not wander left and right. This is a directional microphone and your voice will lower in volume or become damaged if you do that.