Samson CO1U recording

I have just installed a new Samson CO1U USB studio condenser microphone. I’m trying to use it in Audacity but no sound is being recorded. I’ve already gone to Edit, Preferences and ticked the Recording Device as the Samson CO1U. When I record, no sound is being shown as I record, and indeed nothing plays back when I play it back. Do I need to adjust some things in Audacity or what?


If you are using Vista or Wondows-7 this link may be of help …

You omitted two important pieces of information: operating system and audacity version. Without knowing that we can’t provide any further help…

For modern OSes audacity 1.3.12 (beta) is recommended. For windows 7 check Trebor’s link.

hi, thanks for replying.

i’m using audacity 1.2.6, and Windows XP.

You need to select the USB device in the windows audio devices as the device you want to record from …

[on XP} To open Sounds and Audio Devices, click Start, click Control Panel, click Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices, and then click Sounds and Audio Devices