Samson C01U Stand Recommendation?

Hi all, I’ve been quite a long-term user of the Audacity software since around 2009. Whilst I finally saved up enough to money to buy a Samson C01U, I am having real issues with the stand that comes with it. It is way too flimsy and appears that the microphone itself is too heavy for the stand. So here I am writing to the Audacity community in need of great help hunting down a perfect stand for my needs.

My ideal microphone stand would be one that you can either mount to a wall or to a monitor. Whilst I know these are extremely specific requirements, surely something out there like this must exist! Even if I have to go through a bit of modding :smiley:

Alternatively, I am happy with a floor or table stand - however due to very little space I would still very much prefer to go with my ideal requirements above.

Any replies are extremely appreciated! Many thanks!

That’s an MS9701 on the left, but it’s strikingly similar to the MS7701s here.

Here’s mine, but I swear I got mine from Sweetwater…

There’s also one at work. I like them both a lot. They’re study and very light.

Mount it behind your monitor and make it reach over. You don’t want the microphone close to the desk anyway. Put phone books or other heavy weights on the legs so it doesn’t tip forward.


Thanks a ton for the response. I didn’t really think of just putting a stand behind the monitor! But sadly I don’t really have much space behind there either. Do you know of any compact stands that could be used in a restricted environment? Where the legs can be stable without having to open any longer than about 15cm?

If it’s your own recording room, then there’s a space saving option of an “upside down” tripod.
Fix the microphone in a shock mount (also known as a “spider”)
Suspend the shock mount with three pieces of string securely attached to the ceiling. The inverted tripod (rather than a single suspension point) prevents the microphone from swinging. The suspension mount is essential if there is anyone moving about in a room above the ceiling.
Don’t suspend the microphone directly from its cable (other than for microphones and cables that are specifically designed to be used in that way).

Those sound like decent DIYs I can do! I might look into a shock mount then, as there is definitely no room above my studio’s ceiling :smiley:

Any idea where I can get an inverted tripod?

In its simplest form, 3 hooks screwed into the ceiling, arranged in a triangle. Three boot laces (one per nail) and the other end of each boot lace securely tied to the rim of the spider. The “legs” of the tripod (the boot laces) do not need to be rigid because the weight of the microphone is pulling them straight.

Thanks all for the responses. I ended up getting a normal floor stand for now, however after receiving it I seem to be having problems fitting it with my C01U. I have a feeling it’s not compatible. I got the stand from I’m not entirely sure if that’s a EU or US stand!

The instructions of the C01U says about mounting the microphone to a stand via the ‘swivel mount adapter’, and if it’s a US stand I have to take the ‘europe adapter’ off. I have no idea what this looks like or even what it is.

Hope I can get some help with this as it’s all just knobs and buttons for me! :smiley:

Is this the swivel mount adapter?

Attachment fittings on the end of mic stands are usually either a 5/8" thread (US) or 3/8" (Eu).
The microphone clip, suspension mount (spider) or other contraption for holding the actual microphone, then screws onto this thread.

Quite often an adaptor is included that converts one thread size to the other. The adaptor will look something like this:

If your mic stand came with a microphone clip attached, unscrew the mic clip from the stand. If a thread adaptor was included, it may end up either still attached to the stand, or still attached to the mic clip.

Ah, yes. I actually found that on the swivel mount adapter (or at least the object I claim to be a swivel mount adapter, in the picture I provided above).

Sadly the stand is too flimsy and won’t handle the microphone’s weight, so I’m gonna have to return that and try get a different one. I was thinking of getting this instead:

A table-clamp mic stand might be more to my requirements seeing as it doesn’t take any room at all. I was also looking at more expensive one at:

However I’m not sure if it is compatible with my microphone, and it’s quite out of my budget too! Any thoughts?

If you are in Europe, I have a couple of these:
Good sturdy stands for the price.

Now that I know desktop clip-on stands exist, my ideal stand would rely on that now. Sorry! Thanks a ton though. I’ll probably end up getting the more expensive one.