sample sound files?

Sorry if I missed these. I read forum, wiki, donated, etc. but didn’t see this covered.

As a total newb to sound editing/audacity, I’ve no idea where to quickly find files I can use for the tutorials etc. And I’d rather do that than wait for the snowball and record them here.
This isn’t exactly a product feature request, but would you consider putting some sample sound files in the wiki or on the website for new users to practice importing, editing, and mucking about with?


Here’s a post from another forum member. It’s been processed to be OK for audiobook submission.

While it is good to get your feet wet in general editing and management, it’s also good to have a goal.

There’s the obvious benefit that we can “steer” you to tools and processing you’re going to need later. Then there’s the darker problem of a poster who knows and won’t tell us. Those don’t go well.

I am writing a generic recommendations, or standards and practices. I haven’t decided yet. At the top of the forum in the banner there is the on-line manual and beginner descriptions and tutorials.

You should know that Audacity will not Save a sound file. It only saves Projects which only open in Audacity. If you need a sound file, and you will if you’re reading for audiobooks or a podcast, then you have to File > Export one.

Then there are home studio problems. Can you tell if your computer is on just by listening? That can just kill you if you’re reading for critical jobs.

Don’t do production or archive in MP3. Use WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit.

Do not go into production depending on Audacity to “rescue you” later. That, too, is the kiss of death.

Am I depressing enough yet?


To your specific point: Generate will make sounds according to your settings. Silence, Pink Noise (rain in the trees), Metronome and Click Track.

Those last would seem to be the same thing, but there was a discussion about splitting them because It’s possible to make a metronome so complicated nobody could use it. Put the complexity in Click Track and leave the metronome making simple ticks.