sample rate wish list: set project rate before import, set rate on export

I had a problem that turned out to be connected to the sample rate of the first file I imported into a new project. The project rate was set to the sample rate of the first track when it was imported. It would be good to be able to set the project rate in a “sticky” way so that it doesn’t change when the first track is imported into an empty project.

The problem showed up in my exported WAV files, which had a sample rate not supported by the device I needed to use them on. The export dialog asks me to select the bit depth but not the sample rate, and always uses the project rate. For cases where people might need to export multiple copies with different sample rates from the same project, it would be good to be able to select the sample rate in the export dialog, rather than having to change the project rate before each export.

I agree, though the behavior to “match the rate of the first imported track” was an intentional “feature” that has been around for very many years. Personally I think it was a bad idea. In my opinion, Audacity should not override a user’s preference settings unless the user explicitly tells it to.

I doubt that it would be considered acceptable to remove this “feature” because so many existing users now expect it, but I would support an option in preferences to allow the feature to be turned off.

Thanks for your feedback.