Sample Rate Change Within Chain/Export

Using V 2.2.2 on 32-bit Win7Pro here in Washington DC.

Is there a way to include a sample rate change in a Chain? I need to regularly do a mass conversion of 32khz MP4 files into 44.1khz WAVs. I’ve been looking for “resample”, “sample rate”, “conversion” and a bunch of other headings in the Edit Chain menu, but I’m getting nowhere.

Does Audacity actually do this? Thanks.

No, Audacity does not do that. You can export as WAV from a Chain, but not change the sample rate.

There’s a post on the “Superuser” website about batch converting using SoX:
SoX is a very versatile, cross-platform audio editor / processor that runs from the command line. More info about SoX here:

I think Foobar2000 may also be able to do it:

Thank you for the helpful reply Steve. I will give those a try.

Not to be a jerk by dragging another product into the discussion, but FWIW, the long-defunct Cool Edit Pro has been able to do this since before 2003. And without having to invoke command line.

IMO, batch sample-rate conversion would be a worthwhile addition on the next version go-round. But for now, let me try out your suggestions. And thanks again.