Same Changes To Multiple Audio Files At Once

Audacity 2.0.0
Windows XP x64 SP3

I am trying to make the same changes to multiple audio files without doing each one manually.
I downloaded mp3 files and I am trying to get it in the right format.
I need to change the “Project rate” to “8000” “Split Track to Mono” and “Export to .wav”, this I know how to do. What I need to know is if I can set it to do this without doing this without going through every single song (Over 200 songs :astonished: and I’m going to get more, The question is do you want to do all that manually :question: :laughing: ). Anyway please reply fast and detailed so I can follow you (this is the only reason I downloaded Audacity and don’t know how to use it well so help me please).

Unfortunately Audacity cannot do that as a “batch” operation, though I think there are ways to accomplish the task a lot more quickly than doing one at a time.

If you split a stereo track to mono you end up with two tracks. Is that what you want? Do you then want to export 2 mono files from each stereo input file?