Safe Mode

I downloaded Audacity 2.0.1 for Windows 7 Home Premium a few days ago. When I first tried to record from an LP album (which didn’t work at all), the interface was normal. Now it opens in Safe Mode and I get nothing but a loud hum with the turntable and headphones (for play through) plugged in. Is this normal or is there something I’m missing?

I’ve no idea what you mean by Audacity opening in “Safe Mode”. Audacity does not have a “Safe Mode”.

When I click on Audacity to open the program, the interface opens in Safe Mode on my laptop.

Does it actually say “Safe Mode” somewhere?
Could you post a screen shot (screen capture) to show what you mean.

I’ll try this answer again, since the first didn’t show up. Audacity opens in Safe Mode on my laptop. Did you ever start your computer in Safe Mode? That’s the safe mode I’m referring to. I also don’t know how to add a screen shot in this forum.

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Oh, so your computer is booting in Safe Mode.
Can’t it boot normally?
Audacity will not run (or at least not properly) if the computer is in safe mode.

My computer does NOT boot in Safe Mode. It’s already running normally in Win7
when I click to open Audacity. Then it (Audacity) opens in Safe Mode (forcing the laptop into said Safe Mode).
When I click out of Audacity the laptop goes back to normal, which is not Safe Mode.
In other words, before opening the Audacity program the computer runs as it should (standard Win7 mode).
I’ve tried removing Audacity from the computer and reinstalling, to no avail (same results).
Audacity is the ONLY program that does this to my computer.
BTW, I tried Audacity on my other computer with the same results.

Which version of Audacity do you have? (look in the “Help menu > About Audacity”)

Why are you saying that Audacity is opening in “Safe Mode”? In what way is it different from when it opens normally?

From my first post: “I downloaded Audacity 2.0.1 for Windows 7 Home Premium a few days ago.”
What don’t you understand about Safe Mode on a computer? Audacity opens in “Safe Mode”
while all other programs on my laptop open in normal windows!
You said: “Audacity will not run (or at least not properly) if the computer is in safe mode.”
I agree with that statement.
Again, Audacity opens in Safe Mode while all other programs on my computer open in normal Windows (not in Safe Mode).
You said: Why are you saying that Audacity is opening in “Safe Mode”? In what way is it different from when it opens normally?
How would I know the difference? It opens in Safe Mode and doesn’t open in a normal window.
How can I get it to work properly in a normal window??
Bottom line: Audacity opens in Safe Mode and does NOT work properly.
No other program on my computers opens in Safe Mode! Audacity does, and I can’t resolve the problem.

Yes I know, but I’m asking what program you are running.
I presume that you downloaded the standard .exe installer, and then ran the installer and are now running the Audacity 2.0.1 application which you are launching either from a Desktop shortcut, or from an icon in the start menu. I was asking you to check in the “About Audacity” section of the help menu to confirm that the program that you are running actually is Audacity 2.0.1 and not some other version or some other application altogether.

This is what I understand by “running in Safe Mode”:

I don’t understand what you mean by an application (Audacity) running in Safe Mode. Do you mean “Compatibility Mode” or in “XP Mode”?

I can’t find “About Audacity” in the Help menu: To get it to run at all I must right click on the Audacity icon and click “troubleshoot compatibility” and let it run in compatibility mode with Win XP (SP 2). I need to do that every time I try to use the program, or it puts my computer in Safe Mode, and won’t work properly. Screen shot in Safe Mode is attached in the email I sent to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your help. It’s just very frustrating. RonW

These screenshots were not taken on Windows 7 so they will look a little bit different, but should be basically the same.

This is the Audacity “Help Menu” showing where you need to click to get the version information:
This is the top of the “About Audacity” screen. I have highlighted the version information (in my case it is “Audacity 2.0.2-alpha-Aug 2 2012” )
About version.png

Is the “Safe Mode” that you are describing being applied by your anti-virus software as some form of “quarantine zone”? If so, what anti-virus software are you using?

A further thought: you don’t say whether you are actually running Windows 7 Home Premium on your PC, only that you downloaded that version of Audacity. Nor do you indicate whether you are running the 32-bit or 64-bit version of that operating system. Knowing the precise situation, which of course we cannot see for ourselves, might be helpful to further the problem diagnosis.

I already submitted a post with the info you needed, but I’ll do it again,
since my previous post apparently wasn’t approved.
I’m trying to use Audacity 2.0.1 (from help menu) on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit.

Great! Now we know exactly what environment you are using. We now need to be able to see the “Safe Mode” indication that you see. Could you please take a screenshot of Audacity that shows this “Safe Mode” warning (use any screengrabber software that you already have or use Audacity’s own - Help > Screenshot tools…). Attach the resultant jpeg file to your post using the “Upload attachment” tab below the area where you key your text.

When you run in compatibility mode for XP SP2, does Audacity record correctly apart from the hum on playthrough?

Does this turntable connect to the computer using a USB cable?

Windows tracks “compatibility” problems, so may warn you for a long time if there was a problem only once. But you can trick Windows by renaming audacity.exe to something else, or renaming the folder you run Audacity from.

And I’d like to see this Safe Mode screenshot too.


I experienced what Mister Ron was trying to describe. I right-clicked on the program icon, and went into preferences. I then clicked on the compatibility tab and found I had inadvertently selected the radio buttons “run in 256 colors” and “Run in 640 X 480 Screen Resolution”. I deselected those radio buttons and was able to open the program normally again.


If i right-click over audacity.exe on Windows 7 x64, choose “Properties” then the “Compatibility” tab, Audacity (and the rest of the computer) does run in 256 colours and 640x480. The computer returns to normal settings after quitting Audacity.

There is no warning about Safe Mode, but you may be correct that this is what the poster meant.