RX8 Plugins not "compatible" with Audacity 3.4.2?

I downloaded audacity and my RX8 elements to a new computer. When I go to add the plugins to audacity, I get an error that it’s not compatible. I’ve read other ways to do this using VST files and assuming that I am doing this correctly, that is not working either. I use several of these plugins in my master chain so exporting the file and running the plugins directly with RX8 will not work for me. Has anyone gotten this to work?

Izotope doesn’t officially support Audacity so it may not work.

But I think some Izotope products run stand-alone so you might be able to use it that way.

This is for RX10, but they’ve never supported Audacity (officially).

RX10 does work in Audacity3 on Windows …

RX10 in Audcaity 3 on Windows 8
[I’ve not tried putting RX10 effects in an Audcaity macro though].

so you were able to import these into audacity? are you using windows 11?

ok I used RX8 with audacity on my other computer successfully for years. :frowning:

I think RX8 is a VST2 plugin not VST3. I use RX10 but I vaguely remember having to differentiate between VST2 and VST3 plugin directories in Audacity when I was using RX8. Perhaps someone else can comment on the need to have Audacity recognise VST2

Also, Audacity only is 64-bit since version 3.0.3. So if you’re using a new audacity, you need the 64-bit version of the plugin.

Hi everyone!
Thank you for the replies and suggestions. I didn’t realize this but when you first download the RX plugins, it will ask you if you want to do it as a zip file or another option. I forget what it’s called or how they word it but… the other option is the one that showed up as “recommended” and that was the problem. Because when you go into your plugin manager to download the plugins, you cannot select WHERE audacity should be pulling the plugins from. There is a place to enter a path but it doesn’t work. It’s all done automatically. Audacity was trying to pull it from somewhere that didn’t exist on my computer. It was really weird and if I tried to move the RX plugins to wherever I thought I could get Audacity to pull them from, it wouldn’t work. So after I uninstalled and reinstalled both audacity and the plugins (I had to reinstall both or it didn’t work) When I downloaded them as a zip file - it worked. You have more control over where they go, etc… so this worked. All good now - thank you!

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