Running the openvino plugin

I am running Windows 11 and Audacity 3.5.1. I am trying to add the openvino plugin without success. I believe I have followed all installation instructions to the letter including the video but after 3 clean installs of Audacity I get the same error message ‘Unable to load the “mod-openvino” module. Error: The specified procedure could not be found’. When I go into Preferences I see that the ‘mod-openvino’ has: ‘failed’ instead of ‘enabled’. Also the Effect tab doesn’t show the Openvino options. I have the latest version of Python312 installed.
So am I installing it wrongly, is there some setting I have wrong, is there some incompatibility?
Grateful for any help.

Aha - just spotted that there is a new release of the Openvino plugin. Now installed and working fine!!!

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