Running 32 bit LADSPA plugins on 64 bit Ubuntu

I am running Audacity 2.2.1 on a 64 bit build of Ubuntu 18.04, and have a few 32 bit LADSPA plugins that I desperately need to use. Is there any way to bridge 32 bit plugins in a 64 bit build of the program, like one can do in the KX Studio Carla host? I tried installing the i386 build of Audacity, but it is not possible due to unmet dependencies. The plugins in question are the CMT LADSPA suite (Computer Music Toolkit) - mainly the feedback delays. If there is no way to get the 64 bit build of Audacity to recognize them, can anyone recommend a good feedback delay substitute?

As far as I’m aware, 32-bit builds of Audacity require 32-bit plug-ins, and 64-bit builds of Audacity require 64-bit plug-ins.

A desperation solution would be to install Virtualbox on your 64-bit machine, then install a 32-bit virtual machine, then install 32-bit Audacity in the virtual machine.
Recording and playback can be a bit stuttery in a virtual machine, but applying effects should be fine.