Roland TD1 Not showing on Audacity Microphone Selections

I am using a Roland TD-1DMK drum set in hopes to record into Audacity (2.3.3) on my Windows 10.
I have used the “Line in” jack into the computer’s Line in and layed down a track. But I also want to use the USB connection from the drum module into the PC. The PC installs the driver and names the connection as TD-1. I open Audacity (2.3.3) and the TD-1 does not show up in the microphone selection. However I click on edit and preference, click on “MIDI devices” and TD1 shows up But on the “Device” / Recording, TD1 does not show up.
Only Microsoft Sound Mapper and Internal AUX Shows.

Can’t figure out how to record using the TD1 USB Port on Audacity. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The Roland TD-1DMK drum set does not send audio over USB, only MIDI.
From the Roland TD-1DMK user manual (

If you want sound from a computer or iPad to play back from the V-Drums sound module, use a commercially available audio cable to connect the audio output of the computer or iPad to the MIX IN jack of the sound module.

Ok, Thanks for the Info.

Has this ever been solved for you? I have the same problem.
Roland says you need to set up through USB. But Audacity does not show the TD1 as an option for recording device…

While Audacity does have some limited MIDI abilities, Audacity will NOT record MIDI commands from MIDI instruments. These include some keyboards and drum sets. To record these devices, you must record the audio and these devices typically do not provide this over the USB connection. So you have two choices:

  1. Record the audio using an external USB Audio adapter (or via the computer’s line-in), or

  2. Use another software program that is capable of recording from these USB-MIDI devices. For examples, see: