Rodecaster Pro multi-channel

I am running OS Mojave with Audacity 2.4.0 and have the latest Rodecaster Pro firmware (2.0.4).
I am contemplating switching from Adobe Audition to Audacity. But the shift depends on being able to record in multitrack - because I need to be able to manipulate audio coming from several sources such as a guest via zoom with sub-standard mic, a co-host via zoom with a pro mic and sound treated room.

I have selected Rodecaster Multichannel as the RECORDING DEVICE and the default Rodecaster stereo as PLAYBACK DEVICE.
How do I create the multitracks and assign them to the various inputs (mics, soundboard etc)?
How many channels do I select in the RECORDING CHANNELS box?.

I’ve tried selecting 8 - and then 10 - and hitting RECORD. The tracks appear but everything is recorded into the one stereo channel… how do I get them in seperate tracks?

Appreciate any help and guidance