Rode NT1a & Focusrite 2i2 (3rd gen) not working on Windows 11

Hi guys!

I’m new to this forum and also new in the world of recording audio with DAW’s, mics and interfaces. I’ve a problem connecting and setting up Audacity in combinatie with my studio gear. Recently I bought a Rode NT1a with Focusrite 2i2 (3rd Gen). I have a personal windows 10 desktop and a macbook pro. I install Audacity on both systems. Initially to record internal audio. This works perfect on both systems. Therefore I know for sure that the focusrite and the speakers are working and installed correctly.

Later on I decided to start 'playing around with voice-overs for online content. Therefore I bought the Rode mic. The mic works instantly on the macbook pro with audacity, but the same setup / mic is not recognized by windows. I’ve been doing some research, but no answers so far… Hopefully you can help me out!

When I’m in Audacity I can choose for in the driver dropdown

  • MME
  • Windows Direct Sound
  • Windows WASAPI.

When i’m recording internal audio, I’m using the last one. In the device manager
In the mic dropdown are four options.

  • Analogue 1+2 (Focusrite Usb Audio)
  • Realtek Digital Output
  • Stereo Mix (Realtek High Def Audio)
  • Speakers (Focusrite Usb Audio / Loopback)

It doesn’t matter with sound driver I use… When I select Analogue 1+2 and press record I get an error '‘Error: -9996 Invalid Device’. In the device manager the Focusrite is listed under ‘Audio Input & Output’ , Focusrite USB audio and ‘Controls for Audio’. It seems everything is installed properly, no yellow ‘!’ and everything up to date… but still no input from the mic. On the macbook everything is fine, so the problem isn’t hardware based.

Any thoughts? Is there a driver missing?

  1. Do you have permission to use the microphone? See:

  2. Try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices after plugging in the Focurite.

thanks!!! The privacy setting were the issue.