RODE NT1 with audacitu

Recently I bought RODE NT1 microphone and I have one issue.
After starting recording in Audacity, everything seems to be working and recording. However, when I add music and then start recording, the voice is not being recorded.
Does anyone know what to do to make it work? Or any programme to use with RODE NT1 that would work for sure?

How is the RODE NT1 connected to your computer?
Which version of Audacity do you have?

I’m lost.

What’s supposed to happen is you open a music or backing track in Audacity.

Set up Audacity for overdubbing and then sing. Audacity will send the backing track to your headphones and record your voice by itself so you can adjust both for a pleasant mix later. Audacity can’t split a mix apart into individual music and voices later, so you have to do all adjustments while the two are separate.

Audacity will play both music and voice at the same time unless you stop it with the MUTE and SOLO buttons.

File > Export and Audacity will mix everything into one finished sound file.


So basically.
When Audacity is on I can record my voice/vocal. When I add instrumental/beat to Audacity I can Play it but I can not record my vocal. The recording line is blocked in time, in one place.

I can’t record my vocal while instrumental od added to program. When pressing record button, the record line is blocek at the start time. But if I switch off overdub I can record the voice when the beat is in but that is not helpfull because I can not hear it on headphones

In Audacity’s “Device toolbar” set the “host” to MME and select the appropriate record and playback devices.

In the Windows Sound settings, ensure that the devices that you are using are set to use a sample rate of 44100 Hz in both the Record tab AND the Playback tab.

I currently have all the settings set up as you wrote

Any other advices that could help me solve this problem?

So… What hardware are you using for recording? (Since that mic won’t work with the regular mic input on a laptop or soundcard.)

Where are your headphones plugged-in?

Exactly what shows-up as your recording and playback devices?