RMS Normalize

It would be nice. I’ve started using audacity in my recordings only a few weeks ago. Before, I used to making my voice recordings with Sound Forge (“educational version”) and due to the characteristics of my “recording studio” (a little dark noisy and freezy room in a public garage, with a Pentium III 700 computer and a 30$ mic attached to a 60$ mixer) I made use of this effect intensively. I’ve solved partially this lack using the compressor and the bass boost effects (and obviously the noise gate) But my voice sounded warmer with the RMS Normalize effect of Sound forge.

Any chance of getting it?


“RMS Normalize” has more than one meaning. Often the term is used to describe a process that is very much like “Normalization” (in which the audio is amplified by an amount that brings the peak signal to the specified level), except that RMS Normalize amplifies the sound by an amount that brings the RMS level to the specified level.

Unfortunately, some software manufacturers have invented another meaning for the term. The other meaning refers to a “dynamic compression effect”, in which the amplitude of an audio recording is amplified by a variable amount, such that signals over a certain level are compressed so that the RMS level remains approximately constant.

There are quite a few dynamic compressors available for Audacity (“SC4 compressor”, “Chris’s dynamic compressor”, “Leveller”, the standard Audacity “Compressor”…) and also several limiters. Each of these use different algorithms and have a different “sound”. Using the Nyquist programming language, you can even design your own compressor.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try dynamic compressors to try to get the same sounds as I used to get in soundForgr