Rms normalization

I need help normalizing the rms in audacity to acx standards, and I’ve tried the links before and nothing works

Which links have you tried? (there’s clearly no point in us writing the same long explanations again).

the acx check download, and the rms normalize link

See this post, then ask questions that can be answered: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/rms-normalization-relation-to-limiting-help/51174/5
(there is no helpful answer to “nothing works”, especially as the tools clearly do work for other users).

The download isnt working for these links for me at least, and i dont know how to get the programs working on my computer

RMS normalization is a freebie, as far as the checks go. If you use the tools listed in audiobook mastering, in the right order (equalization, rms normalize, limiter), with the correct settings in place, you will -always- succeed RMS and at your peaks. Your sound quality, noise floor, and other qualities aren’t guaranteed by any means though, but RMS will -always- be in the right spot.

The only download, beyond possibly needing to download or update to the newest version of Audacity, is the RMS normalize plugin (even the check is technically optional). All the others come preinstalled.

I edited this because I put in some bad info! All good now.

I also confirmed that both links to the plugins are working currently, as listed through the audiobook mastery page. (It leads back to the forums)