RMS level

Trying to pass ACX check and everything seems easy except finding a way to adjust the RMS level. If I use Amplify and the Limiter I can pass the -3.0 peak, but getting the RMS level correct seems to be nothing but trial and error and nothing works the same each time. Tips anyone?

Step one. Export a WAV sound file or Save a Lossless project of your raw reading—before you mess with it.

We publish the Audiobook Mastering Suite of tools, and it does know what RMS is.

Quick Side Trip:

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 4.16.02.png
That’s from the formal wiki publication here.


It doesn’t touch noise. If you recorded in a nice, quiet, well-behaved room with a good microphone or recorder, all three audiobook specifications will be met.

Let us know if anything goes wrong.

You can also post a test to the forum like this.


Sometimes we can save you tons of time by identifying troubles before ACX spends days getting back to you.