Ringtone volume

i have a ringtone mp3 that I want to increase the volume, the instructions I found say to adjust the gain control on the left side of the window (audacity 2.0.6) all I can find is a volume slider that adjust the playback on my pc, so when I save the file (export to mp3) it is no louder than before, how can I make the sound clip louder

That should have worked.

You can also use Effect > Amplify. If you use that tool, you can watch the blue waves get bigger. Export a new ringtone.
I wouldn’t export the new ringtone on top of the old one with the same filenames. Either change the filename to something different, or make a safety copy of the original ringtone on a thumbdrive or someplace safe.

If it still doesn’t sound any louder in the phone, then there may be something in the phone that’s regulating ringtone volume. Or you’re not exporting the new ringtone properly.


One way to see what you did is to import both the old and new ringtones into a fresh Audacity and compare the blue waves. That’s another reason it’s handy to have the old MP3 around.


ok i will try again, is the volum slider omn the left the gain control just to make things cleal, also should i save it first under another name than export to the phone?

ok I found the gain control and that made a difference, so now what i need to do is increase the gain on the 1st half of the sound track without increasing the last half thank you

OK, now you’re post-production editing and the convenient slider shortcuts go away.

Drag-select the portion you want to make louder and Effect > Amplify to get the sound you want. You can also use Effect > Compression to automatically “level out” volume variations for the whole clip. If you’re used to a video editor, Audacity doesn’t have “Edit Points.” You can use Labels to set in and out points and move them around to the proper spots. The labels are sticky and help you drag-select the portion you want.


Zooming into the blue waves will help you set and move labels accurately.


I like to turn off Auto Scroll to keep Audacity from slipping the timeline out from under me during editing. Turn back on when you’re recording.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_] Auto Update (de-select).