Right Click While Dragging and Holding a Waveform Block to Undo it

One of the greatest (revolutionary I can say) features in Blender is when you’re, say, moving an object (while holding down the left click button) and all of a sudden you decide that you don’t want that, so you right click to snap it back to its original location.

You have no idea how much this simple option helps. sometimes when I’m moving or resizing the waveforms (while I’m holding down the left click), I always press right click thinking that it would undo but then I realize it doesn’t work in Audacity and I have to press Ctrl + Z to undo it.

This may not be that much of a big deal for simple projects but for bigger projects it can be a little bit challenging.

Hopefully a similar feature like this will be implemented in the future.

Thanks for reviewing my feedback.

In Audacity, press the “Esc” key to cancel the action (before you release the mouse button).

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Wow, absolutely beautiful !!

I never would have thought Audacity had such a feature! to be honest I didn’t even bother searching for it (not to mention that I had no idea what to search for!)

Even that I know what shortcut key cancels the action, I can’t even find it in the Shortcut Reference:

I would like to change it to Right Click instead, what exactly is the name of this action?
Please don’t tell me it’s an integrated unchangeable action!

“Escape”, hence the key binding “Esc”.

Ugh, OK. In that case I’ll say " it is not configurable".

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