RIAA EQ for Audacity

Is there an RIAA EQ filter module for Audacity?

Yes, it is one of the presets for the Equalization effect: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/equalization.html

Thank you. One question. Do I import the raw phonograph signal first and then apply the filter, or do I turn on the filter first and then play the record?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Audacity effects are applied to audio that exists in a track. They cannot be used to alter a signal while it is recording.

– Bill

And just when you thought this was easy, it is not recommended to leave out the “Phono Preamplifier.”

If you have an analog turntable, you may note that it has three wires, not only two. Left, Right and thin black Protective Ground. The Phono Preamp has a place to connect the ground. It’s generally not optional. RIAA boosts low pitch tones while it’s working and power hum is a low pitch tone. MMMMMMMMM. You might be able to find someplace on your computer system to connect it. Google your brains out. Computers are all different.

The other thing a Phono Preamp does is electrically match the cartridge. The phono cartridge is expecting to “see” a preamp connected at the end of the cables, and if it’s missing, fidelity will be compromised.

So yes, this can be forced to work, it’s usually much easier to just buy the preamp.


This one doesn’t have a volume control, but does everything else. Note the place to screw the ground wire on the left.

There was a much higher-end one I need to look for.


There it is.


Waxcylinder is using one of these on his vinyl collection and he’s happy.


I didn’t do it this way. I connected my analog turntable to my Hafler preamp (two phono preamps, no waiting) and then on to the analog input of my Mac. Unless you happen to have that combination, that’s not going to work for you.


Thanks to Bill and Koz for your swift replies.