Rhythm track special bar setup

I have one idea. Please, could You add new field to the Rhythm track named ‘bar value’ (I don’t know, how to say It in music English).
So, It’ll countains values, such as 2, 4, 8, 16. Default is 4. So, when beats per bar will be 4 and field time signature field will be set to 4, It’ll be 4/4. Or, if number of bars will be 7 and time signature to 8, It’ll be 7/8. This kind of rhythm exists for example in Balkan music.
How to do that?
If You have noticed, those are multiplifications or divisions of 2. So in this case, 8 on time signature will be tempo*2. 2 in time signature will be tempo/2.
I hope, that I have explained It good, I am not a programmer.
Thank You for understanding me.

Personally I don’t think it is necessary.

Say you have some music where a crochet = 120 bpm, and you want a 2/2 rhythm at this tempo. The lower “2” means the beat value is a minim, which is equivalent to two crochets, so you can set:

  • Tempo = 60 bpm (60 minims per minute)
  • Beats per bar = 2.

Similarly, if you want 6/8, and a crochet = 120 bpm, then the lower “8” means quavers, so that is:

  • Tempo = 240
  • Beats per bar = 6

or for 7/8:

  • Tempo = 240
  • Beats per bar = 7

It can be good idea. But, in this case, I’ll change as a programmer some tempo limitations (to enter bigger values). For example, in Bulgarian music, there is dance called Kopanitsa and It is very quick and in 11/8 rhythm.

That’s easy to do.

Use a “plain text” editor to open the rhythmtrack.ny file, and find the line:

$control TEMPO (_ "Tempo (bpm)") real (_ "30 - 300 beats/minute") 120 30 300

Change that to something like:

$control TEMPO (_ "Tempo (bpm)") real (_ "30 - 600 beats/minute") 120 30 600

(The final 600 represents the maximum slider range.)
The only small downside to this customization is that (_ "30 - 600 beats/minute") will not match the translation text if you use Audacity in a non-English language.