Revert to previous version

On win xp, 4 gig ram, 2.2 ghz processor:

I upgraded from 1.3 beta to 2.0 and am having all kinds of issues with 2.0. (VERY sluggish - deleting sections of silence deletes other than the selected section…)

I have been using 1.3 for several years, liked it and experienced no problems. I would like to revert back, or perhaps try some interum version. Where can I find the windows install files for earlier versions? They do not appear to be available on sourceforge.

Actually, that’s a problem because they’re supposed to be on Sourceforge. I’m making inquiries.

Having used all versions of Audacity on XP since 1.2.4 I’m surprised that you find Audacity 2.0 to be noticeably slower than previous 1.3.x beta versions.
(I agree that 1.3.x/2.x are heavier than the 1.2.x series, though the 1.3.x/2.x versions have more and better features.)

Audacity 1.3.x back as far as 1.3.7 are available from Google Code:
(Please note that we no longer support the (obsolete) 1.3.x series on Windows)

Still experimenting, It may be because I am editing files that were created with 1.3.x. What I am finding is that when i mark and delete a chunk of a recording (Vinyl LPs being converted) that there is a multi-second delay before i can do another function. This is not happening with the same file when I edit with the old version.

Which 1.3.x version were/are you using?

What do you see if you click on “File > Check Dependencies”?