Reversing stereo?

I have an audio file, which I foolishly lost the master tracks for, and mixed it down to stereo. However it turns out my speakers were crosswired and so everything i panned to the right is actually on the left and vice versa. Since I dont have the master tracks to just make a new mix, is there any way to just reverse the stereo on an audio file, so that everything on the left is put on the right and vice versa? Thanks for the help!

Yes - Import the file into Audacity, click on the little arrow near the track name and you will get a drop down menu. Select “Split stereo track” from that menu. You will now have two track. For each of those tracks, click on the little black arrow (triangle) again and set the left channel to the right channel and vice-verse. When you export the tracks as a WAV (or MP3, or whatever), the channels will be reversed.

Are you not required to link them as a stereo track again?


No - just “Export” and Audacity will mix them for you with the channel set “Left” to the left, and the channel set “Right” to the right. Magic :smiley:

dude since i am new to the audio track. so it is bit difficult to tell about the reversing track…I have used audacity for cutting and joining mp3 songs for mobile phone and for dubbing


Do you have the same problem as tophue, or are you just advertising your website?

OK. Let’s do this without the commercial.

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